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Aquamat 96

The self-contained, portable, Oil / Water separator. Ready to go anywhere to skim fuel from water and leave all the water clean on site.

Restoration has become a major focus for the mining industry. Reclamation of contaminated soil in-situ, making it a cost effective and sensible solution.

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Trailer SARIS Empty 330Kg (725lbs)
    Gross Weight (fully equipped) 900Kg (200lbs)
    Max permissible weight 1200Kg (2600lbs
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 250cm X 126cm X 110cm
      98" X 50" X 44"
Pump ARTER Throughput Max. 280L/min (60 igpm)
    (stepless controlled) Min. 20 L/min (4.4 igpm)
    Suction Head 8m (25ft)
    Pump Casing Aluminum
    Pump Element (Finned Belt) Polyurethane
Variator Motor   Variable Speed Range 280rpm to 1940rpm
    Rating 1.85kW
    Nominal Current 3.9A at 380V
    Ex-proof EEx e II T3, PTB
    Pump Unit Dimensions 72cm X 36cm X 45cm
    Gross Weight 74kg (163lbs)
Generator BOSCH Rating 6000W
    Voltage 400V / 230V
    Weight 79kg (174lbs)
Mud Arrester STAINLESS Volume 350L (77 igpm)
Separator STAINLESS Rating / Throughput Max 90 L/min (19.8 igpm)
    Min 20L/min (4.4 igpm)
Skimmer STAINLESS Self-floating  
Hoses WALFLEX All Hoses Are Oil Resistant  
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