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Bioremediation Projects to date in the Yukon

Using OIL GATOR® a recycled waste product, an environmentally safe and cheap alternative on today's bioremediation market, SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. has worked on various projects in the Yukon.

  • Bulk station fuel spills, clean up insitu.
  • City dumps, waste oil collection site, clean up insitu.
  • Mining operation yard clean ups insitu
  • Domestic fuel tank spills, clean up insitu.
  • Fuel truck spills along Yukon Hi-ways, clean up insitu.
  • Forestry, hydraulic oil spill, cleaned up insitu.
  • Gas station fuel spills, insitu clean ups.
  • Various small and large spills contained and cleaned up, often insitu.

SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. has conducted various field and laboratory test to confirm the same success OIL GATOR® is achieving in southern climates. The only variation from these results is due to the long winter season in the north, affecting the speed of the bioremediation process.